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Lesson 1: Introduction to Spanish Culture
Objective: Students will gain a basic understanding of Spanish culture.
Materials: Map of Spain, Spanish food items, photos of Spanish landmarks, Spanish music

1. Introduce self and the topic.
2. Talk about the location and geography of Spain. Show students the map and point out important landmarks.
3. Discuss the different food, clothing, music and customs of Spain. Show students examples of these items.
4. Allow students to ask questions related to Spanish culture.

Lesson 2: Spanish Language Basics
Objective: Students will learn basic vocabulary and learn phrases in Spanish.
Materials: Spanish dictionary, Flashcards, Sample phrases

1. Introduce Spanish alphabet and basic pronunciation rules.
2. Teach basic Spanish words and phrases, focusing on numbers, colors, foods, animals, and family words.
3. Encourage students to learn and practice words and phrases with each other.
4. Provide practice activities to test mastery of new words.

Lesson 3: Spanish Art
Objective: Students will gain an appreciation of Spanish art and its influence.
Materials: Art supplies, Photos of artwork from Spain, Art History Books

1. Introduce the topic of Spanish art, its history and its influence.
2. Show students examples of artwork from Spain.
3. Allow students to explore the art and discuss their interpretations.
4. Provide students with art supplies and have them create their own art inspired by Spanish works.

Lesson 4: Spanish Music
Objective: Students will learn about Spanish music and its influence on other cultures.
Materials: Sheet music and lyrics from Spanish songs, Musical instruments, Photos of musicians

1. Introduce the topic of Spanish music and its various styles.
2. Show students examples of songs and discuss the lyrics.
3. Provide Musical instruments for students to play.
4. Allow students to create their own songs inspired by Spanish music.