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Lesson Plan:

Objectives: 1. Describe the fundamentals of graphic design. 2. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and concepts of graphic design.

Time: 45 minutes

Materials: White board and markers, computers with graphic design software, visuals related to graphic design


  1. Introductory activities (10 minutes) a. Review previous lesson or give short quiz about graphic design b. Ask class what they know about design
  2. Presentation (20 minutes) a. Define and explain the fundamentals of graphic design b. Show examples of design principles c. Discuss different types of graphic design
  3. Practice Activity (15 minutes) a. Work in pairs to create a design based on the principles discussed in the presentation b. Exchange designs with another pair c. Analyze other pair’s designs and identify the principles used
  4. Summary and Closing (5 minutes) a. Summarize main ideas of the lesson b. Ask volunteers to explain graphic design principles c. Answer any questions


Group work observation, quiz on principles and concepts, sharing of designs and assessment of peer’s designs.