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Chapter 1 Summary

In chapter one of Winton’s Blueback, the main character Abel Chronicles reads a story his father Abe told him when he was a young boy. The story is of a majestic scalloped hammerhead shark once seen by his father in the cove at Yellow Sky before it disappeared forever. The passing of this memory to Abel emphasizes the importance of marveling at the beauty of nature, something that is also evident in Abel’s parents. Abel’s mother and father, Dora and Abe, have dedicated their lives to protecting the ocean and the Yellow Sky cove from the growing damages of tourism and development, and they’ve worked to keep it a preserved natural area.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What is the story Abe told Abel when he was a young boy?
  2. What did Abel’s parents dedicate their lives to?
  3. What theme does the story emphasize?
  4. What does Dora and Abe work to preserve?

Chapter 2 Summary

In chapter two of Blueback, Abel explains the ocean surrounding his home in the Yellow Sky cove and its splendor. Abel is enamored with the reef and its wildlife, spending his days exploring the nooks and crannies of the area. He slowly begins to learn about the importance of conservation, something Abe and Dora have preached to him over the years. During one of his explorations, he finds a grotto he refers to as the Cathedral, and it becomes his special spot. One day, a diver named Hector visits Yellow Sky and tells them about a large development project he’s a part of. He gradually begins to reveal that the project would destroy much of the reef, the exact thing Abe and Dora are trying to protect.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What does Abel explore?
  2. What does Abel learn about?
  3. What spot becomes Abel’s special spot?
  4. Who visits Yellow Sky and tells them of a development project?
  5. How would the development project affect Yellow Sky?