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Chapter 1
Summary: The chapter features a young aboriginal girl named Abby, her father Jib, and her pet fish Blueback. Jib takes Abby diving to a nearby reef and shows her a grotto in the ocean that he names the Blue Cathedral. They explore the reef and Abby has a spiritual experience.

Comprehension Questions:
1. What is Abby's pet fish's name?
2. Who takes Abby diving?
3. What does Jib name the grotto?
4. What type of experience does Abby have when she is exploring the reef?

Chapter 2
Summary: Jib helps Abby train for a spearfishing competition. He reveals to her his own spiritual connection with the ocean. During the competition, Abby wins second place and receives praise from the other competitors.

Comprehension Questions:
1. How does Jib help Abby prepare for the competition?
2. What place does Abby win in the competition?
3. What is Jib's connection to the ocean?
4. What type of praise does Abby receive from the other competitors?