Musicians learn song production skills in 5 lessons. Brainstorming, role div. & struct., tutorials, rec., mixing, & q&a.

You 12 Jan, 16:24:26

I'm teaching a group of eleven senior high school students Music Production (beginner level). The students are working in Logic Pro and have already learned the basics of handling the software, as well as handling recording gear like cables and microphones. They can also play music instruments and sing, on a beginner to intermediate level. Create a plan for a five lesson project, where they should plan, record, edit and mix an indie pop song. Create bullet point instructions for the students as well. The students should be divided into two groups, and each group should have a given song to record.

Teacherbot 12 Jan, 16:24:26

Lesson 1 (45 minutes):
- Introduction to the project and overview (10 minutes).
- Brainstorm song ideas, agree on the style of song, decide which instruments will be used (15 minutes).
- Assignment of roles within groups, who will be singing / playing what (10 minutes).
- Discuss song structure, decide which parts of the song need to be recorded (10 minutes).

Lesson 2 (90 minutes):
- Watch tutorial videos related to Logic Pro and Music Production (15 minutes).
- Begin pre-production together (plan what gear will be used in the recording, agree on mics routing etc.) (45 minutes).
- Decide how to divide the recording sessions between the two groups (30 minutes).

Lesson 3 (90 minutes):
- Record the instruments and vocals of each song in their appropriate takes (45 minutes).
- Listen back to the recordings and decide which takes to keep (15 minutes).
- Talk as a group about the problems encountered during the recordings and how to solve them (15 minutes).
- Begin the editing process (15 minutes).

Lesson 4 (90 minutes):
- Continue the editing process (30 minutes).
- Explain the mixing process and discuss the desired sound for the song (15 minutes).
- Guide students through the mixing process and discuss technical aspects (45 minutes).

Lesson 5 (90 minutes):
- Finish the mixing process (45 minutes).
- Final listening session for the two songs, talk about things that worked/didn't work (15 minutes).
- Closing discussion on the project and Q&A (30 minutes).