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Lesson 1 (45 minutes):
- Introduction to the project and overview (10 minutes).
- Brainstorm song ideas, agree on the style of song, decide which instruments will be used (15 minutes).
- Assignment of roles within groups, who will be singing / playing what (10 minutes).
- Discuss song structure, decide which parts of the song need to be recorded (10 minutes).

Lesson 2 (90 minutes):
- Watch tutorial videos related to Logic Pro and Music Production (15 minutes).
- Begin pre-production together (plan what gear will be used in the recording, agree on mics routing etc.) (45 minutes).
- Decide how to divide the recording sessions between the two groups (30 minutes).

Lesson 3 (90 minutes):
- Record the instruments and vocals of each song in their appropriate takes (45 minutes).
- Listen back to the recordings and decide which takes to keep (15 minutes).
- Talk as a group about the problems encountered during the recordings and how to solve them (15 minutes).
- Begin the editing process (15 minutes).

Lesson 4 (90 minutes):
- Continue the editing process (30 minutes).
- Explain the mixing process and discuss the desired sound for the song (15 minutes).
- Guide students through the mixing process and discuss technical aspects (45 minutes).

Lesson 5 (90 minutes):
- Finish the mixing process (45 minutes).
- Final listening session for the two songs, talk about things that worked/didn't work (15 minutes).
- Closing discussion on the project and Q&A (30 minutes).