Thuy, Lily, and Naomi discover magical slippers that allow Naomi to fly. They agree to keep their find a secret.

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I'm teaching a P3 class on the book "The Magic carpet slippers". Create a summary of Chapter 1 and a set of questions with answers and what page number I can find the answers.

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Chapter 1 Summary:

In the first chapter of The Magic Carpet Slippers, we meet protagonist Thuy and her best friend, Lily. Lily is a magical being and gives their classmate, Naomi, a pair of magical slippers. Naomi immediately tries them on, and the girls quickly realize that the slippers have magical powers – Naomi can fly! After much discussion and testing of the slippers' abilities, the girls decide to keep their discovery a secret.

Questions and Answers:

1. Who are Thuy and Lily?
A: Thuy and Lily are the protagonists of The Magic Carpet Slippers and best friends. (Page 4)

2. Who does Lily give a pair of magical slippers to?
A: Lily gives a pair of magical slippers to their classmate, Naomi. (Page 7)

3. What do the slippers enable Naomi to do?
A: The slippers enable Naomi to fly. (Page 8)

4. What do the girls decide to do with their discovery?
A: The girls decide to keep their discovery a secret. (Page 13)