Apache Airflow: Open-source pltfrm to mng ETL pipelines & automate workflows, manag DAGs, executes w/ event-triggers, uses ORM, recommends DAGs, logs monitoring, auth LDAP, scal Kubernetes, provides multi-node parallelism.

You 17 Jan, 19:47:19

I'm teaching a Python Bootcamp and I need to evaluate my students. Create 10 multiple-choice questions about Apache Airflow with 4 possible answers for each one. Mark the correct answer with a *.

Teacherbot 17 Jan, 19:47:19

1. What is Apache Airflow?
A. An open-source platform to manage ETL pipelines and automate workflows *
B. A version control system
C. An open-source software library
D. A machine learning framework

2. What type of dependencies can Airflow manage?
A. Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) *
B. Logical Data Flow
C. Complex Event Processing
D. Object-oriented Programming

3. What type of execution mode does Airflow have?
A. Batch-oriented
B. Event-triggered *
C. Graph-oriented
D. Reactive-oriented

4. What type of task does Airflow not support?
A. File Dependency
B. Task Chaining *
C. Sub-DAGs
D. Parameterized Execution

5. What SQL Alchemy utility does Airflow use?
A. ORM *

6. What is the recommended way of creating Airflow workflows?
A. Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) *
B. Python code
C. Online visual editor
D. SQL scripts

7. What type of monitoring does Airflow support?
A. Webhooks
B. Logging *
C. Alerts
D. Triggers

8. What type of authentication does Airflow have?
B. Kerberos
C. Windows
D. MongoDB

9. How can Airflow be scaled?
A. Kubernetes *
B. Docker
C. Kafka

10. What type of parallelism does Airflow provide?
A. Local
B. Multi-node *
C. Single-threaded
D. Online