Bruno discovers his father's dark secret and his own naivety. Led by Pavel, they find and cross the fence. His father's words of hatred contradict his own thoughts about friendship. They arrange to meet again, Bruno gives Shmuel a gift, and searches for a missing toy. The horrific chimneys unveil the atrocity faced by Jews. Bruno is left with a heavy heart.

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I need comprehension questions for chapter 6 for The Boy in the striped pyjamas

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 14:35:06

1. Why does Bruno react so strongly when Shmuel tells him that his father is a commandant?
2. What is revealed to Bruno when he sees the camp for the first time?
3. Who leads Bruno and Shmuel to the wire fence?
4. What did Bruno earlier recall his father saying about Jews?
5. Why does Bruno believe that if Shmuel were in Berlin, he would be friends with him?
6. How do Bruno and Shmuel decide to meet again?
7. What does Bruno give to Shmuel before they part?
8. Why does Shmuel agree to help Bruno look for his missing toy?
9. What is the significance of the black smoke rising from the chimneys?
10. How does Bruno feel when he returns from the camp?