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  1. Design an Islamic symbol mosaic. Gather samples of Islamic art and design a unique mosaic for the class to complete. Students can use colored construction paper, stickers, or fabric to complete the project.

  2. Create a timeline of Islamic art. Research different periods of Islamic art and have students complete posters depicting each time period and the type of Islamic art created during that era.

  3. Construct a model of an Ottoman mosque. Research a famous Ottoman mosque and have students construct a 3-D model of it. They can use craft supplies, such as foam board, cardboard, and colorful paints.

  4. Write a short story from an Islamic perspective. Have students research the cultural and religious mores of the Islamic faith and then write a short story based on the information they’ve learned.

  5. Create an Islamic-themed collage. Have students collect images of Islamic culture and art and create their own collage.

  6. Design an Islamic pattern quilt. Research Islamic patterns and have students create their own quilt with the patterns. The quilt can then be hung in the classroom or donated to a charity.

  7. Assemble an Islamic-style mural. Have students create a mural with an Islamic theme. It can be of a desert landscape or of a mosque.

  8. Paint a scene from a Muslim holy book. Research scenes from Muslim holy books, such as the Quran, and have students recreate a scene with their own paint and brush.