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1. What is the source of the floodwater that threatens the island? (From the sea, page 10)
2. Why isn't Zoe able to leave the island? (Because the ferry has stopped running due to the floodwaters, page 2)
3. What does Zoe think the floodwater symbolizes? (The end of her old life and a new beginning, page 5)
4. What fantasy world does Zoe create in her mind to help her cope with the flood? (She creates a kingdom of light and dark and games of her own invention, page 6)
5. How does Sam reveal his knowledge of the flood? (Through a secret drawing, page 7)
6. What motivates the villagers to work together to combat the flood? (Hope that they can protect their homes and their families, page 9)
7. Who protects the island from the floodwaters? (Sam’s father and the other villagers, page 11)
8. What does Zoe learn from the experience of the flood? (That working together can help them succeed, page 12)
9. How does the flood ultimately bring Zoe and Sam closer together? (Sam’s drawing of the island’s future shows them walking hand-in-hand, page 13)
10. What does Zoe gain from the end of the flooding? (A new appreciation for her home and the people living on it, page 14)