Explore global issues & identity through design thinking, research & collaboration! Use design to create positive interventions & engage public audiences.

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i teach a graphic design class at university level. i want to create a project for a 15 week course that focuses on positive change on a global and personal level. students shall find their own topics and apply the idea of design fiction to their final presentations. create a weekly curriculum and expand on possible topics and themes that students could focus on. all personal means of expressions are allowed.

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Week 1: Introduction to Graphic Design and the course (what it means and what students will learn)

Week 2: Design Thinking & Ideation Process

Week 3: Understanding Design Fiction and Applying to Projects

Week 4: Examining Global Issues and Identifying Potential Solutions

Week 5: Exploring Different Sources of Reference and Research

Week 6: Exploring Identity Politics: Finding Your Own Voice

Week 7: Utilizing Visual Communication and Technology for Research

Week 8: Presentation and Storytelling: Developing Your Own Narrative

Week 9: Data Visualization & Infographics for Public Engagement

Week 10: Audience Engagement: Strategies and Tools for Interactive Projects

Week 11: Working towards Positive Interventions through Graphic Design

Week 12: Presentation and Feedback: Collaborative Learning

Week 13: Working in Teams and Reaching Public Audiences

Week 14: Final Project Presentations

Week 15: Course Retrospective and Final Reflections

Possible Topics & Themes:

• Cultural Representation
• Mental Health
• Sustainable Development
• Inclusive Education
• Environmental Justice
• Gender Identity and Equality
• Civic Engagement
• Racial and Ethnic Inequality
• Immigrant Rights
• Accessibility
• Alternatives to Capitalism
• Community and Global Solidarity