Practice sheet to fill in verb "to do" and identify verb form.

You 09 Jan, 08:26:09

i want to create a verb practice sheet for the verb to do for a novice english language learner

Teacherbot 09 Jan, 08:26:09

I. Verb to Do Practice Sheet

Instructions: For each of the sentences below, first fill in the blank with the verb β€œto do," then identify the form of the verb that you used.

1. I _______ the dishes. (infinitive)
Answer: do

2. She _________ her job well. (present simple)
Answer: does

3. We ___________ many things together. (present simple)
Answer: do

4. He ___________ his best. (present simple)
Answer: does

5. They ___________ the homework. (present simple)
Answer: do

6. She ___________ the dishes every day. (present continuous)
Answer: is doing

7. I ____________ the laundry. (present continuous)
Answer: am doing

8. He ___________ the dishes now. (present continuous)
Answer: is doing

9. We ___________ the work carefully. (present continuous)
Answer: are doing