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1. Begin by looking at the item and determine which of the royal order of adjectives applies to it. The royal order of adjectives includes opinion (describes how someone feels about it), size (describes how big or small it is), age (describes how old it is), shape (describes its form or outline), color (describes the hue), origin (describes where it is from), material (describes what it's made of), and purpose (describes what it is used for).

2. Once you have identified the royal order of adjectives that applies to the item, consider each one and determine how it can be used to answer questions about the item. For example, if size is one of the adjectives, you can use it to answer questions about the item's size.

3. When answering questions about the item, make sure to use the appropriate adjectives in the correct order. The order should follow the royal order of adjectives, which is opinion, size, age, shape, color, origin, material and purpose.

4. If necessary, provide additional context or information when answering questions about the item. For example, if the question is “What is the color of the item?”, you could answer by saying “The item is blue with green stripes” or “The item is a dark green color.”

5. After answering the questions, review your answers to make sure they are accurate, comprehensive and complete.

Follow these steps to help students answer questions about an item following the royal order of adjectives.