Summary: Kids break into Mr. Lemoncello's mansion to find a huge library and use a secret code. They compete to solve puzzles and clues and Kyle uses his photographic memory to win. Mr. Lemoncello gives them computers as a gift and solves clues with a nursery rhyme. He celebrates library opening with a party and Kyle has a little brother, Taylor.

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In Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library, create 50 review questions from chapters 1-9 suitable for a primary 4 class. Make them multiple choice and include the answers.

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1. At the beginning of Chapter 1, who breaks into Mr. Lemoncello's mansion?
A. A secret agent
B. A speedboat
C. A group of kids
D. A giant elephant
Answer: C. A group of kids

2. What do the kids find inside Mr. Lemoncello's mansion?
A. Cash and jewels
B. A huge library
C. An amusement park
D. The keys to a sports car
Answer: B. A huge library

3. How do the kids get inside the library?
A. Using a secret code
B. Sitting a quiz
C. Getting a key from Mr. Lemoncello
D. Borrowing a key from the librarian
Answer: A. Using a secret code

4. What is the rule of “the hunt”?
A. To find the missing pages from the books
B. To find the exit from the library
C. To visit all the different rooms
D. To solve the puzzles and clues
Answer: D. To solve the puzzles and clues

5. How does Kyle help his team win the first challenge?
A. By using his photographic memory
B. By using his knowledge of board games
C. By using his shoes
D. By using his computer skills
Answer: A. By using his photographic memory

6. What gift does Mr. Lemoncello give the students?
A. iPads
B. Computers
C. Video games
D. Virtual reality headsets
Answer: B. Computers

7. What does Mr. Lemoncello choose for his first clue?
A. A saying from a famous artist
B. A physics equation
C. A nursery rhyme
D. An old proverb
Answer: C. A nursery rhyme

8. How does Akimi recognize the second clue?
A. By playing a game
B. By solving a math problem
C. By dancing along to a song
D. By finding a brain teaser
Answer: C. By dancing along to a song

9. What does Mr. Lemoncello celebrate with his party?
A. His birthday
B. His library opening
C. The completion of his inventions
D. The grand opening of the library
Answer: B. His library opening

10. What is the name of Kyle's little brother?
A. Tyler
B. Thomas
C. Timothy
D. Taylor
Answer: D. Taylor