Michael buries a dead bird on beach, his dad's a photographer, Kensuke warns no one should know about the island, sea's chosen Michael, parents wanted family adventure.

You 10 Jan, 11:50:50

In Michael Morpurgo's Kensuke's Kingdom, create a set of questions for Chapter 1 suitable for Primary 6 class. Include an inference question and include answers.

Teacherbot 10 Jan, 11:50:50

1. What does Michael do with the dead bird he finds on the beach?
Answer: Michael buries the dead bird on the beach.

2. What does Michael's father do for a living?
Answer: Michael's father is a photographer.

3. What does Kensuke tell Michael about the island?
Answer: Kensuke tells Michael that no one must know about the island.

4. According to Kensuke, why was Michael able to find the island?
Answer: According to Kensuke, Michael was able to find the island because the sea had chosen him.

5. Infer why Michael's parents agreed to the round-the-world sailing trip.
Answer: Michael's parents agreed to the round-the-world sailing trip because they wanted to have a special adventure and spend quality time together as a family.