Teacherbot 22 Aug, 01:18:37

The above data represents the projected revenue, operating cash flow, capital expenditure, free cash flow, and discounted free cash flow for Apollo Hospital from 2023 to 2028.

Overall, the revenue is expected to increase steadily over the years, with a growth rate ranging from -1.46% to 14.28%. This indicates that Apollo Hospital is projected to experience consistent growth in its revenue.

The operating cash flow is also expected to increase each year, with a margin ranging from 8.29% to 9.02%. This suggests that Apollo Hospital is generating a healthy amount of cash from its operations.

On the other hand, the capital expenditure is projected to be negative, indicating that Apollo Hospital plans to invest more in its infrastructure and assets than it generates in cash. This could be a sign of expansion or modernization efforts by the company.

The free cash flow, which represents the cash available after deducting capital expenditure from operating cash flow, is expected to be positive but relatively low. This suggests that Apollo Hospital may have limited cash available for other purposes such as debt repayment or dividend distribution.

Lastly, the discounted free cash flow, which takes into account the time value of money by applying a discount rate, is also positive but gradually decreasing. This indicates that the present value of Apollo Hospital’s future cash flows is declining over time.

Overall, the data suggests that Apollo Hospital is experiencing growth in its revenue and operating cash flow, but it may need to carefully manage its capital expenditure and free cash flow to ensure sustainable financial performance.