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  1. How would you illustrate the contrast between the lives of Prosper and Bo’s before and after they came to Venice?
  2. Describe the class differences between Venice’s citizens and tourists?
  3. Visualize the excitement of Prosper and Bo’s escape from their Aunt and Uncle.
  4. What is the significance of the masks that Prosper and Bo wear?
  5. How did the Thief Lord use fear and deception to achieve his goals?
  6. Describe the transformation of Scipio from a crook to a hero.
  7. What were some of the moral lessons presented in The Thief Lord?
  8. Imagine the dynamic between the two boys, Bo and Prosper, through a diagram or drawing.
  9. What would a graph depicting the implications of the story’s various plot points look like?
  10. How did the Thief Lord use his network of associates to his advantage?