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Title: Jamestown, VA 1600: A Document-Based Lesson Plan for 5th Grade

Objective: - Students will analyze primary and secondary sources to understand the challenges faced by the settlers of Jamestown, Virginia in 1600. - Students will develop critical thinking and historical analysis skills through the use of document-based questions (DBQ).

Materials: - Primary and secondary sources related to Jamestown, VA in 1600 (e.g., letters, maps, diary entries, historical accounts) - DBQ worksheet (downloadable from various educational websites) - Chart paper and markers - Laptops or tablets with internet access (optional)


  1. Introduction (10 minutes): - Begin the lesson by asking students if they have heard of Jamestown, Virginia. Discuss any prior knowledge they may have about the settlement. - Explain that Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement in North America, established in 1607. Today, they will be learning about the challenges faced by the settlers in Jamestown in 1600.

  2. Document Analysis (20 minutes): - Divide students into small groups and distribute the DBQ worksheet and the primary and secondary sources. - Instruct students to read and analyze each document carefully, answering the questions on the DBQ worksheet. - Encourage students to discuss their findings within their groups and share their interpretations.

  3. Whole-Class Discussion (15 minutes): - Bring the students back together as a whole class and facilitate a discussion based on their analysis of the documents. - Ask students to share their interpretations and evidence from the sources to support their claims. - Use chart paper to record key points and evidence discussed during the discussion.

  4. Historical Context (10 minutes): - Provide students with additional information about the historical context of Jamestown in 1600. - Discuss the reasons for the English settlement, such as economic opportunities and the desire to establish a foothold in the New World. - Explain the challenges faced by the settlers, including conflicts with Native Americans, disease, and food shortages.

  5. Reflection and Application (15 minutes): - Ask students to reflect on the challenges faced by the settlers of Jamestown and how they overcame them. - Have students write a short paragraph or create a visual representation (e.g., drawing, comic strip) summarizing their understanding of the difficulties faced by the settlers and their strategies for survival.

  6. Conclusion (5 minutes): - Wrap up the lesson by reviewing the key points discussed during the lesson. - Emphasize the importance of analyzing primary and secondary sources to understand historical events. - Encourage students to continue exploring and learning about Jamestown and other historical topics.

Extension Activity: - Assign students to research and present on a specific aspect of Jamestown, such as the Powhatan Confederacy, John Smith’s leadership, or the arrival of the first African slaves. - Have students create a timeline of significant events in Jamestown’s history, including the establishment of the settlement, the Starving Time, and the arrival of additional settlers.

Assessment: - Evaluate students’ understanding of the challenges faced by the settlers of Jamestown through their participation in the document analysis, whole-class discussion, and reflection activity. - Assess students’ ability to analyze primary and secondary sources and use evidence to support their claims.