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Title: Volleyball Skills: Serving and Setting

Grade Level: Elementary (3rd-5th grade)

Duration: 45 minutes

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate proper techniques for serving and setting in volleyball.

Materials: - Volleyballs - Cones or markers - Whistle - Whiteboard or chart paper - Markers - Printed handouts with serving and setting instructions


  1. Engage (5 minutes):
    • Begin the class by asking students if they have ever played volleyball before and what they know about serving and setting.
    • Show a short video clip of professional volleyball players serving and setting to generate excitement and interest.
  2. Explore (10 minutes):
    • Divide the class into small groups and set up multiple stations for serving and setting.
    • At each station, provide clear instructions and demonstrations on how to perform the skills.
    • Students will rotate through the stations, practicing serving and setting with their group members.
  3. Explain (10 minutes):
    • Gather the students back together and review the key points of serving and setting.
    • Use a whiteboard or chart paper to write down the main steps and techniques for each skill.
    • Distribute printed handouts with serving and setting instructions for students to refer to later.
  4. Elaborate (15 minutes):
    • Divide the class into two teams and set up a mini-volleyball game.
    • Each team will take turns serving and setting the ball over the net.
    • Encourage students to use the proper techniques they learned earlier.
    • Provide feedback and guidance as needed.
  5. Evaluate (5 minutes):
    • Wrap up the class by asking students to reflect on their progress.
    • Have a brief discussion about what they learned and what they can improve on.
    • Ask a few students to demonstrate their serving and setting skills in front of the class.

Extensions: - For advanced students, introduce more advanced serving techniques such as jump serves or float serves. - Create a mini-tournament where students can apply their serving and setting skills in a competitive setting. - Integrate other volleyball skills such as spiking or blocking in future lessons.

Note: It is important to ensure the safety of students during physical activities. Provide clear instructions on proper body mechanics and emphasize the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the lesson.