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Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to understand and use adjectives to describe the physical characteristics of people.

Materials: Textbook, worksheets, Whiteboard/Document camera

Warm-Up (10 minutes): Have student write 15 - 20 words that describe physical characteristics, such as tall, dark, short, etc.

Instructional Input (15 minutes): Review the topic of adjectives and how they are used to describe people. Introduce new vocabulary (e.g. alto/a, bajo/a, guapo/a, bonito/a, etc.) and have students write the words in their notebooks.

Guided Practice (25 minutes): Have students work in groups of four to complete worksheets. The worksheets will contain pictures of people and students must describe the physical characteristics of the people. After the worksheet is complete, allow students to walk around the room and describe their peers with the new vocabulary.

Independent Practice (15 minutes): Have students use the textbook to identify adjectives to describe people, making sure to review appropriate adjectives for positive and negative descriptors.

Conclusion (10 minutes): Have each group share their work with the class. Lead a class discussion about appropriate ways to use adjectives to describe people.

Additional Resources: Texts: Spanish Step-by-Step by Barron’s (3rd Edition), ¿Cómo es? Spanish Listening and Discussion Course by McGraw-Hill Podcasts: SpanishPod101, Notes in Spanish Books: Short Stories in Spanish for Intermediate Learners by Olly Richards, Beginner’s Spanish Dictionary by Living Language