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Objective: Students will understand the different food categories to create a healthy meal using the traffic light system.

Time: 45 minutes

Materials: - Posters of a traffic light (three circles: red, yellow, and green) with pictures of healthy and unhealthy food in different categories. - Paper and coloring utensils for each student - Copies of the traffic light template


  1. Introduction (5 minutes): Begin by introducing the idea of choosing healthy food and explain the traffic light system. Go over the meaning of the different colored circles (red for unhealthy, yellow for somewhat healthy, and green for healthy). Show examples of foods that fit in each category.

  2. Guided Activity (15 minutes): Give each student a copy of the traffic light template, a sheet of paper and some coloring utensils. Have them draw examples of food and drinks in each circle and talk about why it fits into each category. Encourage them to talk with each other and help each other find foods that fit into each category.

  3. Group Work (15 minutes): Break the students into small groups and have them work together to make a list of healthy options that they can use to make a healthy meal. Ask each group to come up with a healthy meal plan and a list of the ingredients they would need.

  4. Wrap-Up (10 minutes): Have each group share their meal plans and why they chose those foods. Talk about how traffic light system can help guide healthy decisions when it comes to food.

Assessment/Evaluation: Assess the students’ understanding by collecting the traffic light templates they complete. Have the group presentations and evaluate based on their discussion of why they chose the foods they did.