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  1. “Imagine you are a character in a book we are studying. Write a journal entry from their perspective, reflecting on a significant event in the story.”

  2. “In groups, discuss the main themes of the novel we are reading. Each group will present their findings to the class.”

  3. “Watch a short video clip related to the topic we are studying. Write down three questions you have about the video and be prepared to discuss them with the class.”

  4. “Create a mind map of all the key ideas and concepts we have covered so far in this unit. Be prepared to share your mind map with the class and explain your thought process.”

  5. “Choose a famous historical figure and create a social media profile for them. Include posts, comments, and photos that reflect their life and achievements.”

  6. “Write a persuasive essay arguing for or against a controversial topic we have discussed in class. Be sure to support your arguments with evidence and examples.”

  7. “In pairs, create a dialogue between two characters from a play we have studied. Perform the dialogue for the class, focusing on character development and dramatic interpretation.”

  8. “Research a current event related to the topic we are studying. Write a short summary of the event and discuss its implications in a small group.”

  9. “Create a timeline of important events leading up to a significant historical event we have studied. Include key dates, descriptions, and images to illustrate each event.”

  10. “Listen to a podcast episode or audio recording related to the topic we are studying. Take notes and be prepared to share your thoughts and insights with the class.”