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1. What invention does Mrs Dippy create? (page 6)
Answer: Mrs Dippy creates a flying umbrella.

2. Who gives Mrs Dippy the idea of the flying umbrella? (page 3)
Answer: Her dog, Rufus gives her the idea of the flying umbrella.

3. What does Mrs Dippy name her flying umbrella? (page 8)
Answer: She names it Suzy Soar.

4. What material does Mrs Dippy use to make her flying umbrella? (page 5)
Answer: She makes it out of two umbrellas and waterproof fabric.

5. Where does Mrs Dippy fly with her flying umbrella? (page 4)
Answer: She flies to the park with it.

6. What happened when Mrs Dippy first tried out the flying umbrella? (page 3)
Answer: She flew up into the air and got stuck in a tree.

7. Who sat in Mrs Dippy's flying umbrella with her? (page7)
Answer: Rufus, her beloved dog, sat with her.

8. What is Mrs Dippy's neighbor's reaction when she flies past with the umbrella? (page 5)
Answer: Mrs Dippy's neighbor screams and hides behind the sofa.

9. What invention does Mrs Dippy give to her neighbor to protect from the rain? (page 6)
Answer: She gives her neighbor an umbrella hat.

10. What does Rufus think about Mrs Dippy's invention? (page 9)
Answer: Rufus thinks it's the best invention ever created.