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1. Who found Mrs Dippy's missing dog? (Page 11) Answer: Mrs Dippy's assistant, Jim.

2. What was the name of Mrs Dippy's missing dog? (Page 12) Answer: Cheese.

3. What did Mrs Dippy do to show her appreciation for Jim? (Page 14) Answer: She made him a cup of tea.

4. How did Jim help Mrs Dippy find her missing dog? (Page 15-16) Answer: He used a remote-controlled tracking device.

5. What animal did Jim compare to a tracking device? (Page 15) Answer: He compared it to a dog sniffing out a rabbit.

6. What did Mrs Dippy's invention look like? (Page 11) Answer: It was a tall silver box with lots of flashing lights.

7. What noise did Mrs Dippy's invention make? (Page 14) Answer: It made a loud buzzing noise.

8. Why was Mrs Dippy late for work that morning? (Page 7) Answer: She overslept.

9. What happened to Mrs Dippy's invention when the power cut out? (Page 13) Answer: It stopped working.

10. How did everyone in the office react when Mrs Dippy found her dog? (Page 17) Answer: They cheered and clapped.