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Lesson 10: Making Shadows

Learning Intention: Students will understand how shadows are made and why they change height during different times of the day.

Introduction: 1. Begin the lesson by asking the students how they think shadows are made. 2. Follow up by asking why they think shadows change height during different times of the day. 3. Show the students the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOIGOT88Aqc

Main Activity: 1. Ask the students to define what shadows are. Write their responses on the board. 2. Provide a description of shadows: “Shadows are areas of darkness where light has been blocked.” 3. Allow the students to go outside and explore shadows. Instruct them to take pictures of themselves creating shadows. 4. Encourage the students to create shadow puppets and use them in the sunshine.

Conclusion: 1. Gather the students back inside and have a discussion about their findings. 2. Ask the students to share their pictures and shadow puppets with the class. 3. Provide additional resources such as science books for further exploration of shadows.

Note: This lesson can be adapted for different grade levels by adjusting the level of complexity in the discussion and activities.