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Objective: Students will be able to add two-digit numbers within 20 correctly.

Materials Needed:

-mini whiteboards
-dry erase markers
-adding strips

Warm Up:

Write the following equation on the board:

14 + 6 =

Have students solve the equation using what they already know.

Guided Practice:

Pass out the adding strips to the students.

Explain how to use the strips to add two-digit numbers. Have students complete two addition equations on their strips.

Check for understanding.

Independent Practice:

Give students three equations, written on mini whiteboards, to solve:

1. 12 + 7
2. 17 + 3
3. 19 + 1

Have students come up to the board one-by-one to solve the equations in front of the class, using their adding strips. Check for understanding.


Review the lesson by having students solve one more equation on their whiteboards. Check for understanding.


Have students complete a worksheet in which they add two-digit numbers within 20.