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Learning Intention: To improve English vocabulary

- Sentence strips
- Word cards
- Whiteboard

1. Show the students various word cards and explain the meaning of each word or have them look up the definition in the dictionary.

2. Place the words on sentence strips and ask the students to form sentences using the words.

3. As a class activity, have the students write a story, poem, or dialogue exchange using the vocabulary words.

4. Invite the students to create their own word cards by selecting five words from a text they are studying and writing their definitions.

5. Divide the students into two teams and challenge them to a vocabulary game. Each team takes turns selecting a word card, defining the word, and using it in a sentence. The team that earns the most points by correctly using the words wins.

6. Ask the students to find synonyms and antonyms for a few of the vocabulary words.

7. Use the whiteboard to display a list of the vocabulary words. Encourage the students to practice using the words in conversations throughout the week.

At the end of the lesson, ask the students to explain the importance of having a strong English vocabulary. Have a class-wide discussion about strategies they can use to continue developing their English vocabulary.