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In conclusion, shadows are created when light is blocked by an object, resulting in an area of darkness. Shadows change in height throughout the day due to the movement of the sun. By exploring shadows and creating shadow puppets, we can better understand how they are formed and how they change.


To assess the students’ understanding of shadows, you can:

  1. Ask the students to write a short paragraph explaining how shadows are formed and why they change height during different times of the day.
  2. Have the students draw a picture of a scene with various objects and ask them to label the objects that would create shadows and the direction in which the shadows would fall.
  3. Conduct a class discussion where students can share their observations and experiences with creating shadows. Ask them questions to gauge their understanding, such as “What happens to a shadow when you move the object closer to the light source?” or “Why do you think shadows are longer in the morning and evening compared to midday?”