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Lesson 4: How Mirrors Work

Learning Intention: To understand how mirrors work and be able to explain their functioning.

Introduction: 1. Begin the lesson by asking the students if they know anything about mirrors and how they work. 2. Show a PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of mirrors and their functioning. 3. Watch the video “How Mirrors Work” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MxKpI0JXIc) to further enhance their understanding.

Main Activity: 1. Differentiate the activity based on the students’ abilities: - Lower Ability (LA): Ask the students to draw and label a diagram showing how mirrors work. - Middle Ability (MA) / Higher Ability (HA): Ask the students to draw, label, and write a description explaining how mirrors work.

  1. Provide the students with the necessary resources, such as science books and mirrors (obtained from Jackson).
  2. Instruct the students to complete the assigned task.
  3. Once they have finished, allow the students to use the mirrors to write their names. They should write their name as they see it in the mirror.

Conclusion: 1. Have a class discussion to share and compare the diagrams, descriptions, and experiences of using mirrors. 2. Summarize the main points discussed during the lesson, emphasizing the functioning of mirrors. 3. Encourage the students to explore mirrors further in their daily lives and observe how they reflect light.

Note: Adjust the level of difficulty and support provided based on the students’ abilities and needs.