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Learning Intention: Understanding how neat should be stored

Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed:

- Pictures of neatly organized spaces
- Pictures of messy spaces
- Storage containers
- Labels
- Markers


Begin the lesson by asking students if they have ever had trouble finding something they needed because it was buried under a pile of clutter. Explain that keeping things neat and organized can help us find what we need quickly and easily.

Direct Instruction:

Show students pictures of neatly organized spaces, such as a tidy desk or a well-organized closet. Ask them to identify what makes these spaces look neat and organized. Discuss the importance of having a designated place for everything and putting things back where they belong after using them.

Next, show pictures of messy spaces, such as a cluttered room or a disorganized pantry. Ask students to identify what makes these spaces look messy and disorganized. Discuss the negative effects of clutter, such as feeling overwhelmed or stressed, and how it can make it difficult to find what we need.

Guided Practice:

Provide students with storage containers and labels. Have them practice organizing items in the containers and labeling them appropriately. Encourage them to think about what items should be stored together and where they should be placed for easy access.

Independent Practice:

Have students choose an area in their home or classroom that needs to be organized. They can use the storage containers and labels to create a neat and organized space. Encourage them to take before and after pictures to see the difference.


Review the importance of keeping things neat and organized. Ask students to share how they plan to use what they learned in their daily lives. Remind them that keeping things neat and organized can help reduce stress and make it easier to find what they need.


Observe students during the guided and independent practice activities to assess their understanding of how to store items neatly. Review their before and after pictures to see if they were able to create a more organized space.