Understand word formation to USA hist. Begin by introducing topic. Brainstorm rel. words, discuss origins, example of forming words. Create new words & identify key points.

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Make a lesson based on the following learning intention: USA history word formation

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Learning Intention: Understand the fundamentals of how words related to USA history are formed


1. Begin the lesson by introducing the topic of word formation as it relates to USA history. Explain that different words related to USA history can have different origins and come from different languages.

2. Ask the students to brainstorm a list of words related to USA history, such as freedom, independence, democracy, etc. Once the list is created, have the students think about why those words are related to USA history.

3. Lead a discussion about the different origins of words related to USA history. Discuss how words from other languages, such as Latin and Greek, can have their roots in the USA.

4. Give the students an example of how a word can be formed by combining two words or by changing the spelling. For example, independence is formed by combining the prefix in- and the noun dependence.

5. For the next part of the lesson, give the students a list of words related to USA history and ask them to create new words by combining two words, changing the spelling, or breaking the word into two parts.

6. For the conclusion of the lesson, have the students identify 2-3 key points they learned about word formation and how it relates to USA history.