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Title: Exploring Employability: Why Apprentices Need to Learn It

Learning Intention: Understand the concept of employability and its significance for apprentices.

Duration: 30-40 minutes

Materials Needed: 1. Whiteboard or flipchart 2. Markers 3. Sticky notes 4. Handout with employability skills checklist (optional)

Introduction (5 minutes): 1. Begin the lesson by asking the students, “Have you ever heard the term ‘employability’? What do you think it means?” 2. Allow a few students to share their thoughts and write their responses on the whiteboard or flipchart. 3. Explain that employability refers to a set of skills, qualities, and attitudes that make individuals more likely to gain employment and succeed in their chosen careers.

Activity 1: Employability Skills Brainstorm (10 minutes): 1. Divide the students into small groups or pairs. 2. Provide each group with sticky notes and markers. 3. Instruct the students to brainstorm and write down as many skills or qualities they believe are important for employability. 4. Encourage them to think about both technical skills (specific to a particular job) and transferable skills (applicable to various roles). 5. After 5-7 minutes, ask each group to share their ideas and stick their notes on the whiteboard or flipchart. 6. Discuss the common skills mentioned by different groups and highlight their importance in the workplace.

Activity 2: Employability Skills Matching (15 minutes): 1. Distribute a handout with an employability skills checklist to each student (optional). 2. Explain that they will now participate in a matching activity to connect employability skills with their corresponding descriptions. 3. Display a list of employability skills on the whiteboard or flipchart. 4. Read out the descriptions one by one and ask the students to match them with the appropriate skill on their handout or by writing the corresponding number on a piece of paper. 5. After completing the activity, review the answers together, discussing the importance of each skill and how it contributes to employability.

Conclusion (5 minutes): 1. Summarize the main points discussed during the lesson, emphasizing the definition of employability and the significance of learning it as an apprentice. 2. Ask the students to reflect on the employability skills they possess and those they may need to develop further. 3. Encourage them to set goals for improving their employability skills throughout their apprenticeship journey. 4. Conclude the lesson by answering any remaining questions and expressing the importance of continuous learning and growth in the workplace.

Note: To make the lesson more interactive, you can incorporate group discussions, role plays, or case studies to explore real-life scenarios related to employability and apprenticeships.