UK taking more steps toward renewable energy sources promoting cost-effectiveness, access to sunlight/wind & negligible disruption. Create jobs/reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

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Make a lesson based on why and where are more solar and wind farms in the UK

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- Understand why and where more solar and wind farms are located in the UK
- Analyze the advantages of having solar and wind farms

Materials/Equipment Needed:
- Computer/projector
- Access to internet

Step 1: Introduction (5 minutes)

Start the lesson by introducing the concept of renewable energy and why it’s becoming an increasingly popular energy source in the UK. Explain that solar and wind farms are two such renewable energy sources and the focus of this lesson.

Step 2: Explanation (15 minutes)

Explain the reasons why the UK has more solar and wind farms than other renewable energy sources.

- Solar and wind farms are seen as the most cost effective renewable energy sources in the UK.
- The UK is in a prime location to reap the benefits of solar and wind energy. It's estimated the UK receives between 10-15% more sunshine than the rest of Europe.
- The UK has relatively consistent and strong wind speeds, making it ideal for capturing the wind’s energy.
- Solar and wind farms are easy to set up and are less disruptive to the local environment.

Step 3: Discussion (15 minutes)

Now that the students understand why and where more solar and wind farms are being set up, lead a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of having more renewable energy sources in the UK. Ask the students to think about the economic impact, job opportunities, and environmental impact of renewable energy.

Step 4: Conclusion (5 minutes)

Before the end of the lesson, summarize the main points and review any questions the students may have.

Conclusion: Solar and wind farms are becoming more popular in the UK due to their cost effectiveness, access to sunlight and wind, and minimal disruption to the environment. They also create economic and job opportunities while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.