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Learning intention: Students will be able to classify things as living or non-living.

Materials needed:

- Pictures of various things (At least 8-10)

- Chart paper

- Markers


1. Begin by introducing the concept of living and non-living things. Explain to students that all things can be classified as either living or non-living, and that living things can move and make changes in their environment.

2. Ask students to brainstorm a list of living and non-living things. Encourage them to be creative and think of examples from nature, their houses, and the world around them.

3. Once a complete list is created, divide the students into two teams. Hand out the pictures of the various things and assign one team the task of determining which are living or non-living.

4. Each team must then decide which items are living and which are non-living. Once they have come to a consensus, they should each write down their classification on a separate piece of chart paper.

5. To summarize and reinforce the lesson, have each team present their classifications and explain their thought process.

6. Review the differences between living and non-living things with the class. Ask questions to ensure the students are understanding the concepts.

7. To end the lesson, provide an opportunity for students to practice classifying different items as living or non-living.


Living Things and Nonliving Things - Definition and Examples