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Learning Intention:

Students will be able to add two-digit numbers within 40 correctly.


1. Students will be able to identify two-digit numbers and add them together.
2. Students will be able to use various strategies such as making a ten or using the place value chart technique to add two digit numbers.
3. Students will be able to explain how to add two digit numbers within 40.


-Whiteboard and markers
-Number strips (0-40)
-Place Value Chart
-60 equation cards (containing two-digit numbers within 40)


1. Introduction: (10 minutes)
- Introduce the lesson objectives and explain why addition of two digit numbers within 40 is an important skill.
- Ask students to generate different strategies to solve two-digit numbers within 40.
2. Demonstration: (10 minutes)
- Demonstrate proper methods on whiteboard for solving two-digit numbers within 40.
- Ask for student feedback to improve the methods.
3. Student Collaboration: (15 minutes)
- Divide the class into small groups of three.
- Give each group number strips (0-40), place value chart and equation cards (containing two-digit numbers added within 40).
- Ask each group to practice problem solving within the group, asking each student to solve one equation on the board.
- Ask group members to provide feedback and corrections while solving the two-digit numbers.
4. Assessment: (15 minutes)
- Ask students to form two lines and give each student one equation card (containing two-digit numbers within 40).
- Students will take turns to solve the equations on the board and discuss the solutions.
- Provide praise and corrections to students as needed.
5. Reflect: (5 minutes)
- Ask each student to share what strategies they used to solve the equation cards.
- Encourage students to reflect on what strategies worked best for them and what strategies weren’t effective.
- Discuss how understanding addition of two-digit numbers within 40 can help students in future maths experiences.