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1. Consequence - a result or the effect of something done or the influence it has on future events.
2. Expansion - an increase in the extent, size, volume, scope, or quantity of something.
3. Misgivings - uneasiness, doubts, or reservations.
4. Sauntered - to walk in a leisurely, idle, or aimless way.
5. Commotion - a confused disturbance or hubbub.
6. Impertinence - insolence, disrespectful behavior, or forwardness.
7. Straggled - to move along in an irregular, disorganized, or straggly manner.
8. Apprehension - a feeling of fear, worry, or uneasiness.
9. Unceremoniously - in a rude, abrupt, or discourteous manner.
10. Preceded - to come before (something) in time, order, or importance; to go before; to lead or guide.