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Reading Comprehension Task

Read the text below about healthy cooking and answer the following questions.

Healthy cooking is the practice of preparing food with health-promoting ingredients and preparing methods. Healthy cooking is important for maintaining a balanced diet and optimal health. It involves increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, reducing sugar, and avoiding processed foods. Further, healthy cooking also means using healthier fats and oils and making use of whole grains and lean proteins.

Healthy cooking is not only about following dietary guidelines; it also requires attention to cleansing and sanitizing surfaces, keeping ingredients fresh, and using freshness dates. To avoid harmful microorganisms, make sure to handle raw food carefully and store them separately from cooked food. For safety reasons, always thaw frozen food before cooking it.

To get started with healthy cooking, you should have the right tools and ingredients. For example, a good set of measuring tools, like spoons, cups, and scales, are essential. Investing in a quality set of kitchen knives and other utensils is also important.

To make healthy meals, it is best to start with fresh and natural ingredients. This means buying items that are free of additives and preservatives, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, unprocessed whole grains, and lean sources of protein. Having a well-stocked pantry with basic ingredients is also beneficial for preparing healthy meals quickly.


  1. What does healthy cooking involve?
  2. What are some guidelines for handling raw food?
  3. What tools and ingredients should you have for healthy cooking?
  4. What is the best way to start making healthy meals?