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Rubric for STEM Elementary Class:

Criteria: 1. Knowledge and Understanding (30%) - Demonstrates a clear understanding of STEM concepts and principles. - Applies knowledge to solve problems and complete tasks. - Shows evidence of research and exploration in STEM topics.

  1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (30%) - Analyzes problems and develops logical solutions. - Uses creative thinking to generate innovative ideas. - Applies problem-solving strategies to real-life situations.

  2. Collaboration and Communication (20%) - Works effectively in a team, sharing ideas and responsibilities. - Listens actively and respectfully to others’ viewpoints. - Communicates ideas clearly and effectively through various mediums.

  3. Hands-on Skills and Application (15%) - Demonstrates proficiency in using STEM tools and equipment. - Applies scientific methods and engineering design processes. - Conducts experiments and investigations accurately and safely.

  4. Organization and Time Management (5%) - Completes tasks and assignments within given deadlines. - Demonstrates good organizational skills in managing materials and resources. - Follows instructions and guidelines provided.

Scoring: - Excellent: Consistently exceeds expectations in all criteria (90-100%) - Proficient: Demonstrates a solid understanding and application of criteria (70-89%) - Developing: Shows progress but requires further improvement in some areas (50-69%) - Needs Improvement: Fails to meet expectations in several criteria (below 50%)

Note: This rubric can be adjusted and customized based on the specific objectives and learning outcomes of the STEM elementary class.