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Rubric for STEM Elementary Class:

  1. Follows all instructions for the challenge: - 0 points: Does not follow any instructions. - 1 point: Follows some instructions. - 2 points: Follows most instructions. - 3 points: Follows all instructions accurately.

  2. Gives best effort and perseverance in the challenge: - 0 points: Shows no effort or perseverance. - 1 point: Shows minimal effort or perseverance. - 2 points: Shows moderate effort and perseverance. - 3 points: Shows exceptional effort and perseverance.

  3. Presents a sketch or draft of the design: - 0 points: Does not present any sketch or draft. - 1 point: Presents a basic sketch or draft. - 2 points: Presents a detailed sketch or draft. - 3 points: Presents a well-developed and creative sketch or draft.

  4. Cooperates throughout the process, gives ideas, gets involved in the activity: - 0 points: Does not cooperate or contribute any ideas. - 1 point: Occasionally cooperates and contributes ideas. - 2 points: Mostly cooperates and contributes ideas. - 3 points: Actively cooperates, contributes valuable ideas, and fully engages in the activity.

  5. Tests the design and communicates findings and results: - 0 points: Does not test the design or communicate any findings. - 1 point: Tests the design but does not communicate findings effectively. - 2 points: Tests the design and communicates findings adequately. - 3 points: Thoroughly tests the design, accurately communicates findings, and provides insightful results.

Total Points: 15