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Rubric for Students Being On Task During Writing Personal Narratives:


  1. Focus and Engagement: - Student consistently demonstrates focus and engagement throughout the writing process. - Student actively participates in brainstorming, planning, and drafting stages. - Student maintains a positive attitude and shows enthusiasm for the task.

  2. Time Management: - Student effectively manages their time during writing sessions. - Student stays on track and completes assigned tasks within the given timeframe. - Student avoids distractions and uses time efficiently to make progress on their personal narrative.

  3. Organization and Planning: - Student demonstrates a clear understanding of the structure and components of a personal narrative. - Student creates a well-organized outline or graphic organizer before starting the writing process. - Student plans and sequences their ideas logically, ensuring a coherent and cohesive narrative.

  4. Persistence and Perseverance: - Student demonstrates persistence and perseverance when faced with challenges or obstacles during the writing process. - Student seeks assistance or resources when needed, rather than giving up or becoming disengaged. - Student revises and edits their work multiple times to improve the quality of their personal narrative.

  5. Collaboration and Feedback: - Student actively seeks and provides constructive feedback from peers, teachers, or mentors. - Student engages in collaborative discussions to enhance their personal narrative. - Student incorporates feedback received to revise and improve their writing.

  6. Attention to Detail: - Student pays attention to grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. - Student uses appropriate vocabulary and sentence structure to convey their ideas effectively. - Student proofreads their work carefully to eliminate errors and improve the overall quality of their personal narrative.


  • Exemplary: Consistently demonstrates all criteria at an exceptional level.
  • Proficient: Consistently demonstrates all criteria at a proficient level.
  • Developing: Demonstrates some criteria at a proficient level, but improvement is needed in certain areas.
  • Emerging: Demonstrates limited understanding or application of the criteria, requiring significant improvement.
  • Not Evident: Does not demonstrate any understanding or application of the criteria.