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The math curriculum for 4th grade typically covers the following topics:

  1. Number and Operations:
    • Place value up to the millions
    • Addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers
    • Multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers
    • Factors and multiples
    • Prime and composite numbers
    • Fractions and decimals
  2. Geometry:
    • Lines, angles, and shapes
    • Symmetry and transformations
    • Perimeter and area of polygons
    • Volume and capacity
  3. Measurement and Data:
    • Measurement conversions (e.g., inches to feet, grams to kilograms)
    • Time and elapsed time
    • Line plots and data interpretation
    • Probability and statistics
  4. Algebraic Thinking:
    • Patterns and sequences
    • Variables and equations
    • Problem-solving strategies

Throughout the curriculum, students are expected to develop fluency in basic arithmetic operations, apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills, and communicate mathematical ideas effectively. They will also engage in hands-on activities, use manipulatives, and solve real-world problems to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts.