Teacherbot 22 Aug, 04:09:35

Good morning, good morning, it’s time to start the day We’re here at school, ready to learn and play With smiles on our faces, and joy in our hearts We’re ready to make this day a work of art

The sun is shining, the birds are singing too We’re grateful for this day, and all that we can do We’ll learn new things, and make new friends In this school, our journey never ends

So let’s stand up tall, and sing our morning song Together we’ll make this day so strong With kindness and respect, we’ll make a difference here In this school, we have nothing to fear

Good morning, good morning, let’s start the day with cheer We’re excited to be here, and have nothing to fear With open minds and hearts, we’ll learn and grow In this school, our potential will surely show

So let’s begin this day, with a smile on our face We’ll make the most of it, and leave a positive trace Good morning, good morning, let’s make this day great In this school, we’ll learn, create, and celebrate!