Mrs. Dippy hires Walter after he eagerly takes job. She feeds him lunch, then they feed ducks, search pond, & tidy garden. Harold warns Walter not to trust Mrs. Dippy & gives him a coin from pond. She pays him 3$ for his work.

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Mr Dippy and her amazing adventures by Tony Milton 10 Comprehension questions on chapter two 'Mrs Dippy's Helper' Page 21-35 include page numbers and answers

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1. At what time did Mrs Dippy decide to enlist the help of a helper? (p.21):
Mrs Dippy decided to enlist the help of a helper at around 10am.

2. Where did Mrs Dippy go to try and find her helper? (p.22):
Mrs Dippy went to the Magnolia Square market to try and find her helper.

3. Why did Mrs Dippy choose Walter? (p.23):
Mrs Dippy chose Walter because he was the only person who listened to her offer of employment and seemed eager to take up the job.

4. What was the name of Walter's brother? (p.25):
Walter's brother was named Harold.

5. What did Mrs Dippy give Walter for lunch? (p.28):
Mrs Dippy gave Walter a sandwich and an apple for lunch.

6. What did Walter help Mrs Dippy do? (p.31):
Walter helped Mrs Dippy feed the ducks at the park, search for coins in the pond, and tidy up the garden.

7. What did Mrs Dippy pay Walter? (p.32):
Mrs Dippy paid Walter three dollars for his hard work.

8. Who approached Walter when he was leaving Mrs Dippy's? (p.34):
Harold, Walter's brother, approached Walter when he was leaving Mrs Dippy's.

9. What did Harold tell Walter? (p.34):
Harold told Walter not to trust Mrs Dippy and to avoid going back any time soon.

10. What did Harold give Walter? (p.35):
Harold gave Walter a coin that he found in the pond.