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Create a performance task for Grade 2 English:

Title: Storytelling Show

Objective: The objective of this performance task is to assess students’ ability to retell a story using appropriate vocabulary, expression, and gestures.

Instructions: 1. Select a storybook appropriate for Grade 2 students. The story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. 2. Divide the class into small groups of 3-4 students. 3. Each group will choose one member to be the storyteller and the others will be the audience. 4. The storyteller will read and practice retelling the story multiple times to ensure fluency and understanding. 5. The storyteller will then perform the story in front of the class, using appropriate gestures, facial expressions, and voice modulation to engage the audience. 6. The audience members will actively listen and provide feedback to the storyteller, focusing on clarity, expression, and accuracy in retelling the story. 7. After each performance, the audience members will ask questions about the story to assess the storyteller’s comprehension. 8. Rotate the roles within each group so that every student gets a chance to be the storyteller. 9. Assess each student based on their ability to retell the story accurately, use appropriate vocabulary and expression, engage the audience, and respond to questions.

Assessment Criteria: - Accuracy in retelling the story (including key events, characters, and setting) - Use of appropriate vocabulary and expression - Engagement of the audience through gestures, facial expressions, and voice modulation - Comprehension of the story demonstrated through answering questions - Overall performance and confidence in storytelling

Note: Provide clear guidelines and expectations to the students before the performance task. Encourage creativity and emphasize the importance of practice and preparation.