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Instructional Material:

Begin by asking the students if anyone is familiar with British colonization of Nigeria so any existing knowledge can be built upon.

Provide each student with a piece of paper on which they will make a timeline of events important to the British colonization of Nigeria.

Explain that the British assimilated different parts of Nigeria into a single country called Nigeria in 1914 after nearly a hundred years of colonization.
Include major events such as:
• The arrival of the British in Nigeria in 1851.
• The signing of the “Treaty of Protection” in 1886 which made Nigeria a British protectorate
• The development of a trading system to transport goods and people to and from Nigeria
• The creation of a system of indirect rule in which British officials interact with Nigerian political leaders
• The assignment of economic and social policies to the Nigerian people by the British
• The granting of self-government in 1954
• The declaration of Nigeria as an independent nation in 1960


Have the students turn to their neighbor and explain the timeline of events they wrote down.
Discuss any questions that arise about the timeline of events.

Give a mini-quiz (in the form of a multiple-choice or true/false) on the British colonization of Nigeria.

Summary and Assignment/Activity:

Summarize by explaining that the British’s colonial rule in Nigeria had a lasting impact on the social and economic structure of the country.

Have the students work in small groups to discuss how the British colonization of Nigeria has affected modern-day Nigeria.

Assign an essay in which the students must analyze and evaluate the social, political, and economic effects of British colonialism in Nigeria.