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The students should be able to identify and define a variety of nouns by the end of the lesson.

- A large flashcard set with pictures of items labeled with words (i.e. ball, apple, cat, chair, etc.).
- Academic poster board
- Colored markers
- Post-it notes


1. Invite the students to sit in a circle and explain to them what nouns are. Instruct them to pay attention to how nouns are associated with items.

2. Show the students the flashcard set with pictures and associated words. Talk about each of the items and ask students to name each object.

3. Once each item has been named, instruct the students to form groups of two or three, and provide each group with a single academic poster board and markers.

4. Instruct the groups to place the flashcards on the poster board and draw lines from the word to the associated item. Encourage the students to use different colors for each item.

5. Instruct the students to review the poster board they created. Give each student in the group a post-it note and ask them to write down one word they remember from the poster board. Instruct the students to stick their post-it note onto the associated item.

6. Once the post-it notes are in place, ask for a volunteer to report his or her group’s experience.

7. Finally, have the students independently review their worked and recap the lesson by asking them to explain what nouns are.