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Plan for a a sequence of English lessons which end with a setting description based on the utterly otterlys for year 2

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Lesson 1

Objective: Developing description skills and introduction to the terms of setting.

Activity: In small groups, have the students brainstorm some of the things you would find in a forest setting. For example, trees, animals, plants, etc. Have each group create a list of words and then draw a picture of the forest onto a large piece of paper.

Lesson 2

Objective: Developing sensory language and use of literary techniques.

Activity: Show students a picture of the Utterly Otterlys and then ask the students to list different words they would use to describe the scene. Afterwards, hand out a copy of the story and ask the students to locate the setting descriptions. Have the students find examples of literary devices such as similes, metaphors and personification.

Lesson 3

Objective: Putting words and ideas together to construct a setting description.

Activity: Divide the students into small groups and provide each group with a copy of the story. Ask the students to read the parts with the setting descriptions closely, and then have them construct clues from the description that they could use in a setting description.

Lesson 4

Objective: Pursuing creative language and production of a setting description.

Activity: Start the class with a brainstorming activity where you list different words and phrases that describe the forest and its inhabitants. Afterwards, have the students use the ideas they brainstormed to write a setting description that uses the elements from the story.

Lesson 5

Objective: Editing the setting description for clarity and fluency.

Activity: Have the students exchange their setting descriptions with another group or partner. Ask them to read the description out loud and point out any mistakes or lack of clarity. Have them go back to their desks and rewrite the description, incorporating any changes suggested by the group.

Lesson 6

Objective: Presenting the setting description and finalizing the project.

Activity: Ask each student to present their setting description to the rest of the class. Afterwards, discuss any similarities and differences that the students noticed among the different descriptions and conclude with a discussion of the setting and its significance in the story.