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Lesson: Andre Gunder Frank’s Theory of Underdevelopment

Introduction: - Introduce Andre Gunder Frank as a prominent economic historian and sociologist who developed the theory of underdevelopment. - Explain that Frank’s theory challenges traditional views on development and argues that underdevelopment is not a stage that countries pass through on their way to development, but rather a result of historical and ongoing global economic processes.

Main Body:

  1. Historical Context: - Discuss the historical context in which Frank developed his theory, focusing on the post-World War II period when many former colonies were gaining independence. - Explain that Frank observed that despite gaining political independence, these countries continued to face economic challenges and remained underdeveloped.

  2. Core Concepts: - Explain the core concepts of Frank’s theory, such as the concept of the “development of underdevelopment.” - Discuss how Frank argued that underdevelopment is not a natural state but a consequence of the historical and ongoing exploitation of resources and labor by more developed countries. - Emphasize that Frank believed that underdevelopment is not an isolated phenomenon but a result of the global capitalist system.

  3. Dependency Theory: - Introduce the concept of dependency theory, which is closely related to Frank’s theory of underdevelopment. - Explain that dependency theory argues that underdeveloped countries are dependent on developed countries for capital, technology, and markets, which perpetuates their underdevelopment. - Discuss how Frank’s theory of underdevelopment is a key component of dependency theory.

  4. Criticisms and Relevance: - Present some criticisms of Frank’s theory, such as the argument that it oversimplifies complex historical processes and neglects internal factors within underdeveloped countries. - Discuss how Frank’s theory remains relevant today, as many countries in the Global South continue to face economic challenges and struggle to achieve sustainable development. - Highlight how Frank’s theory has influenced subsequent research and policy discussions on development and underdevelopment.

Conclusion: - Summarize Andre Gunder Frank’s theory of underdevelopment, emphasizing its focus on historical and ongoing global economic processes as the root causes of underdevelopment. - Encourage students to critically analyze and evaluate Frank’s theory in the context of contemporary global economic dynamics. - Emphasize the importance of understanding underdevelopment as a complex and multifaceted issue that requires comprehensive solutions.