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Class Overview:

In this lesson, we’ll explore the impact of the automobile industry in late 19th century America. We’ll focus on how the automobile helped to shape the economy and the lives of everyday Americans. We will use examples from Michigan to help us better understand these impacts and to make the lesson more real for our 9th grade students.


  1. To explore how the automobile industry changed life in late 19th century America.
  2. To discover the economic and cultural influence of the automobile.
  3. To bring home the impact of automobiles with examples from Michigan.

Class Discussion:

To start us off, let’s discuss the development of the automobile industry and its emergence in late 19th century America. Talk to the students about the invention of the automobile and the automobile’s rise in popularity among Americans.

Next, let’s look at the economic impact of the automobile industry. Discuss the importance of the auto industry in the development of America’s economy. Talk to the students about the new jobs created by the auto industry, as well as the economic growth spurred by the industry.

Then, discuss the cultural impact of the automobile industry in America. Talk about the ways that automobiles changed the way we live, such as improved transportation options, new freedom for women, and the ability for people to travel and explore new places.

Now, let’s look at how the automobile industry impacted Michigan specifically. Talk about the development of places like Detroit in the late 19th century. Discuss the impact of the auto industry on the cities and towns of Michigan, including job creation, population growth, and the development of new services and businesses.

Finally, use an example of an automobile that was popular in Michigan at the time to help solidify your students’ understanding of these changes (e.g. the Ford Model T).


  1. Have students work in pairs or small groups to discuss the changes they would most likely have experienced if they had lived in late 19th century Michigan.
  2. Guide students to research the Ford Model T and other popular cars of the era to get an understanding of the impact these automobiles had on daily life.
  3. Encourage students to consider the positive and negative impacts that the automobile industry had on late 19th century America.

Wrap Up:

In this lesson, we explored how the automobile industry changed life in late 19th century America. We looked at the economic and cultural impact of automobiles, as well as their specific impacts in Michigan. Through activities and examples, we helped our students to understand these changes, and we gave them a chance to explore the history of the automobile in America.