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Primary Y3 healthy eating should be focused on introducing students to the basics of making healthy food choices, exploring food groups and their health benefits, and teaching them the importance of nutrition and exercise. The following activities can help support healthy eating in primary school:

  1. Have discussions and debates about the benefits of healthy eating, and talk about how to incorporate healthy foods into our diets.

  2. Practical activities such as making healthy snacks using fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients.

  3. Role play exercises, such as pretending to be a nutritionist and think up creative meals that contain all the food groups.

  4. Group projects researching healthy eating topics, such as planning balanced meals.

  5. Support students to explore different recipes and dishes from different cultures and countries.

  6. Planting vegetable gardens, keeping and caring for farm animals and building outdoor cooking stations for outdoor meal preparation.

  7. Take regular trips to the grocery store to explore the different food products available and learn how to shop for healthy food.

  8. Host taste tests of healthy food options and get students to try different foods.

  9. Keep a True Fit Journal or Food Diary and discuss what healthy food should be consumed, and how much.

  10. Educate students on reading food labels, finding out which foods contain good nutrients, and how to read food labels to ensure proper nutrition.